I always like to take a Sorcerer along when fighting Ur-D.  Primarily, I like the Sorcerer to cast High Fulmination to energize the physical attacks.  Here, Sakura delivers the trifecta.  She has, mid-battle, cast a Holy enchantment on Leila's Framae daggers; she is energizing the Striders and Ranger with High Fulmination; when she is not casting High Fulmination, she is barraging Ur-D with the devastating High Maelstrom and High Bolide.

The strategy is consistent with what is discussed in previous blog posts.  The Arisen, Leila (Strider), is equipped with two Barbed Nails to increase her Stagger and Knockdown each by 200.  Nora, the Ranger, is equipped with Great Gamble and carries a large quantity of Mushroom Potages to replenish stamina. 

Sakura and Nei (Main Pawn, Strider) also carry Mushroom Potages as the only curative.  The pawns' use of the Mushroom Poatages ensures that the party's stamina remains high.  No boosters are used except for Dreamwing Nostrum before the fight since Leila starts out carrying a heavy load of Blast Arrows to put Ur-D on the defensive at the onset of the battle.

There is nothing significant about Leila's position except to more clearly show Ur-D groveling before the "beautiful and mighty Sakura, Sorceress of all Sorceresseseseses."

Sakura, Sorceress of all Sorceresseseseses02:43

Sakura, Sorceress of all Sorceresseseseses

Ur-D: 'Oh please, beautiful and mighty Sakura, Sorceress of all Sorceresseseseses, don't kill me, I will do anything for you, ANYTHING, please have mercy, MERCY!!!!!'