• Arigro 'Vadum

    Theory Of Pawns

    October 5, 2013 by Arigro 'Vadum

    All right, not sure if I'm doing this right but whatever This is my theory about Pawns: Each Arisen has their own Specific Pawn a.k.a. Their Main Pawn. A Main Pawn may not take the Exact Form of Their Master but may take on a younger version, example: The Dragonforged

    I have another Theory about Selene and Sofiah, I think Sophia may have been very old when the Dragon stole her heart, information that may prove this theory is if Selene is spoken to Prior to Witch Hunt she may mention she remembers traveling with her Gran and Sofiah says this "...For you see I myself was once Arisen. And this girl Selene...was my pawn. The soul of an Arisen can but affect their follower. Given time, the pawn will assume the Arisen's very form....But see well …

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