Older Events

First Event (My first playthrough in this game) - When I walked around Gran Soren and get to Caxton to buy Frozen Tomorrow. Suddenly my Pawn just said "I'm Drenched!" and I looked at them, they inside the Fountain, gathering Stone/Gold. I jumped there too and get on to the pillar, suddenly seeing an item, Gold. Don't know why my MP dind't take that item.

Second Event - I fought Gorechimera and suddenly my MP say "Cockatrice!" And I said "Where!" And there are no Cockatrice, why...

Thrid Event - I just fought Death, and suddenly Garm appears too. I said "Help" and no one come, I look at the Balcony and see my MP and P get stucked here (Maybe an ordinary Event) , then Death appear at my MP/P back and use Death's Scythe and they die. I'm scared and get out from Garden Of Ignominy (1st Floor).

Fourth Event - I get to the Trophy's Jacket Door and use Moonbeam Gem but I've been interrupted by Thunderwyvern and Gargoyles, I kill them all and when the Thunderwyvern falled to the ground I used Cutting Wind 50 Time and it die, the 50th hit did not hit the Thunderwyvern but hit the Trophy's Jacket door and I get past of it, is this glitch?

Newer Event

First Event - A glitch, or maybe a tactical problem. At Rotunda of Dread, my MP, Margrand, is walking near the Rotunda (After the enemies were killed), she then see a Chest, she opened it, but after the Chest opened, she done the same animation, over, and over again, even though the Chest has been opened. When I get out of the Dread, she appears at the Balcony, and got stucked on the pillar on the right... on the air...