Wake up at the Pawn's Guild

Ignore the Pawn's rambling, Maker's breath, they never ever shut up!

Thow Pip first in the Everfall:

i saved your home, little brat, now you complain exactly because if you didn't have that home you wouldn't have lost your parents....Well....enjoy the fly! I'll see you tomorrow, here, same routine, welcome in the Ethernal Chain.

Throw the soldiers in the Everfall:

i've saved your asses in every siege, dragged you off the Griffin's claws, from the dragon itself and you decided to turn against me.

Well, here you go, enjoy the trip.

Throw all the survived citizen in the Everfall, except the merchants, of course, after scaring the life out them drawing the weapons out.

Same of the soldiers, you bunch of ignorant donkeys.

Now the ruins of Gran Soren are cleared from crying idiots, let's go out and get kicked by the hellhounds....or jump in the Everfall, getting smashed and mashed on a rock, in front of the wrong chamber entrance, of course.

( just a routine i've picked up during my first run on XboX)