Hi there. ^_^

Farming the drake, as a matter of personal taste, is a pain in the rear.

This aside, the drake has a small chance of giving to your equipment the "dragonforged" status ( very small chance) early in game, so it's worthy of a shot, and i was hoping to get one of the pieces of armor with that............................................

Well.....i've made it.

My Arisen now has a spanking new dragonforged rusted bow.

Cheeky irony, isn't it?

DragonForgedRusted bow copy

I am playing the game in my native language, "arco arrugginito" means "rusted bow".

Note aside: with a 3 stars enchanted rusted bow, i took the drake's heart down quite quickly, except for the very last blow, wich caused a delayment of finishing the task, having the whole party pretty much obliterated due to the fact that the beast moves too much and to quickly despite is poisoned AND slowed down.