Alright, so no one knows me, and that's okay; I just need a question answered, if it is a legitimate one that can.

I'm on my NG cycle right now in Bitterblack Ilse, Pre-Daimon. My character is a level 118 Assasin with a one-star Cursed Bite and red dragonforged Dragon's Rancor, with a level 118 Warrior pawn with a red dragonforged Dragon's Dogma (this isn't really important, just in case anyone wanted to know about my pawn). I've already entered the Daimon's boss-room but I haven't fought him yet - my character isn't up to it yet, obviously, maybe even with Automony, and Tagilus' Maricles with Conqueor's Periapts. I should also mention that I have the proper ring for Deadly Gouge, but that's more besides the point for this issue. So, all the enemies have spawned within the City, including Death. Death isn't listed on his page to have a guarenteed spawn point in the City, but he has spawned every single time in the City with no in-game cutscene to display a random spawn. My question is - is there any way to get rid of him without either killing him or doing enough damage in s single encounter? I did have a strategy in mind that required me using the augment Preemption - Death takes a good bit to be knocked down so it wouldn't affect this too terribly much -, and attacking him from long range with Lycean Sight, with hopes of hitting the latern and causing large amounts of damage in a single go, and maybe killing him in the long run. This would give me some time in the City, enough for one good run through, and maybe two, but its only temporary. Another follow-up question would be if there is another better strategy I could use with my current set-up, but if there isn't then oh well.

tl;dr idk just read the paragraph.

Thank you, if you can say something!