I figured I had better write a blog or something about Dragon's Dogma. I bought the game when Dark Arisen came out for PS3. I never got around to playing much at first.

I am nearing level 190 now, played through most of the game as a Warrior with my main pawn Valoria as Mage/Sorcerer.

Now I have started leveling Magic Archer with Valoria working on her Warrior skills.  Eventually I hope to switch and get to Sorcerer with Valoria as a Strider but I am not certain I have enough levels left to max out vocation levels.

Seeing her struggle as a Warrior made me think how about balance. I feel the game is very balanced. Warriors are heavy hitters, it is just a matter of knowing where to put the sword. Yes the stagger, and knockdown resistance means nothing sometimes when Elimators toss us around like paper and over the cliff in the Fallen City into the void.

It has been a very long time since I have fostered a game addiction like I have with Dragon's Dogma. I have witnessed the Pawns do some amazing things that made me stop and stare in wonder at how many game developers can take notice of what real A.I. can do.

I have not had a reason to buy a PS4 but Dragon's Dogma 2 would certainly give me one.

The people that are still playing and putting their pawns out for rental have our sincere thanks. Perhaps we will see you in DDO if it ever makes it out this way to North America.

Also, I'd like to thank the wikia contributers, I would not have played this far without you.

Vorpal and Valoria.

Hard at work

Hard at work.