So I'm about to use a portcrystal and get the ferrystone ready - the list comes up of destinations - I'm expecting the usual - Bluemoon tower, Bloodwater beach, Greatwall and so on - instead a get a list that all say "Verda Woodlands" - how odd.. All my portcrystals seem to have glitched to the same place somewhere around Aernst Castle ..

Expecting the worst I decide against using the stone, and travel there on foot - here's a record of what I saw:

  • At the castle - strange lights in the distance.
  • Some sort of geometric figure - fivefold in shape - how odd.
  • The castle is strangely empty - no bandits.
  • Eerily deserted - the tents, campfire, all there, as if people were here a moment ago.
  • Approaching the stones - the castle is lit with a queer light
  • Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, swirls of smoke, and light - what is this?
  • Boom!
  • Dead bandits everywhere - but there was nothing here before..
  • Make of that what you will.
  • The End.