Verda Woodlands is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Verda Woodlands are a large region in the southwestern of Gransys. The region is home to a considerable Goblin population.

There are two routes from the more populous regions of Gransys to the Verda Woodlands - west from Manamia Trail via a bandit infested mountain path and the Vestad Hills leading to the eastern edge of the Woodlands; or via The Ancient Quarry through the southern fringe of Devilfire Grove.

There are numerous named locations in the sparsely populated region: the Eradication Site is at the western edge, a site of a battle, now inhabited by Oxen which are preyed upon by a Griffin periodically; the Travelers' Camp, a small campsite; the Miner's Toolshed; and a number of unnamed Goblin camps along the roads and paths in the region. Directly north of the Toolshed are eventually steep cliffs, prone to boulders.

The southern edge of the Woodlands meets the sea off Gransys, with three points of note - from west to east: the Caverns of Delusion are accessed via a narrow crevasse leading down to the sea; the unusual rock formation at the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler overlooks the ocean, and is home of a Golem; at the far west is Bloodwater Beach. Both ocean side beaches are good places to attempt to catch Giant Fish.

Bloodwater Beach is accessed via a narrow gorge leading down from the Conqueror's Sanctuary, along the path is a small unnamed cave and ledge in a small opening in the gorge - see Noonflower Cliff Cave.

At night, the region is free of Undead and Skeletons - though some Specters appear at the Healing Spring and the Goblins species remain throughout the area.


Much of the area has been taken over by Goblins and Hobgoblins. Conquerer's Sanctuary is inhabited by two Cyclopes, and ballista operating Goblins and Hobgoblins

The Healing Spring infested with more Goblins - at night this part of the woods becomes haunted by Specters. To the east of the spring a Chimera prowls the woods.


In Post-Game, a Cockatrice replaces the Griffin at the Eradication Site and a special lesser Drake replaces the Goblins and Cyclopes at the Conquerer's Sanctuary.


Southron Oregano is the most common herb; Grandgrapes are also common here, and along the cliffs Capeflowers and Strongwarish can be found, also some Shiverberries.

Logs here may give Chestnut Branch or Beech Branch. Wood bundles at Travelers' Camp and those on a hillock few meters to the South from it can give: Large Coin Pouch, Giant Coin Pouch, Jewel of Time, Jewel of Silence, Jewel of Darkness, but only at night.

A solitary Noonflower can be picked near Bloodwater Beach near Noonflower Cliff Cave. For the contents of the cave near where the Noonflower can be found see Noonflower Cliff Cave.

Map Chest Loot
Verda chests

More detailed loot descriptions can be found at the individual articles for Bloodwater Beach and Noonflower Cliff Cave

1 Seeker's Token
2 Hunter's Jacket
3 Chain Mail
4 Salubrious Brew
5 Large Coin Pouch
6 Frame Plate, Padded Armor
7 Harspud Sauce
8 Rousing Perfume, Rose Ring
9 Light-Cure, Liquid Vim
10 Mahogany Cape, Horned Helm, Reinforced Longbow
11 Mace, Hide Armor, Shoulder Cape
12 Light-Cure, Interventive
13 Giant Coin Pouch
14 Adventurer's Cloak
15 Chainmail Bracers
16 Coin Pouch
17 Coin Pouch
18 Light-Cure
19 Interventive
20 Angel's Periapt
21 Sleeper Arrow
22 Oil Arrow
23 Giant Coin Pouch, Obliteratrix
24 Blast Arrow, Silencer Arrow, Blinder Arrow, Coin Pouch

Note : chest loot lists are incomplete