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A Vile Eye.

Vile Eye is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.

A smaller version of the Evil Eye, they look like a floating Eyeball with no eyelids and no tentacles attached.

Information and StatsEdit

General InfoEdit

Type Monster
Experience Gained 550
Locations The Everfall: Chamber of Sorrow, Chamber of Apprehension
Bitterblack Isle: Gutter of Misery (Pre-Daimon), The Black Abbey (Pre-Daimon), Forsaken Cathedral, Rotwood Depository (Post-Daimon) and The Bloodless Stockade (Post-Daimon)


Health Attack Defence Magick Attack Magick Defense Weight
2000 600 250 1,200 650 20

Damage TakenEdit

Slash Bash
100% 75% 30% 30% 30% 100% 10%


Attack Type Description
Barrier Spec Erects a defensive shield to protect itself from all damage (can be broken with enough magic attacks). The Vile Eye cannot cast magic while the shield is maintained.
Charge Phys Charges forward while maintaining its barrier.
High Ingle Mag Casts three fireballs at the party.
Ocular Magick Mag The Vile Eye lowers its barrier and emits a Petrification beam. It can also cast Levin and Frazil in the same manner.


Related quests Edit

Bestiary Edit

Evil Eye Strategy scrolls as well as other techniques are shared between Evil Eyes and Vile Eyes and as such will grant bestiary knowledge for both of them.

Enemy Specific

  • When knocked to the ground (but not killed) they can be grabbed and picked up. This grants knowledge regardless of what one does with it later.

Tactics (Offensive)Edit

  • Strong against Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Dark magic & enchanted weapons.
  • Weak against Holy enchanted weapons and physical attacks.
  • Immune to all debilitations.
  • Has relatively low HP and is easy to stagger.
  • The magical barrier is completely impenetrable (like the Evil Eye). Wait until the Vile Eye begins to spellcast before attacking it.
  • Use bows or dash skills like Burst Strike or Cutting Wind to quickly close the distance once the Vile Eye drops its magical barrier and begins to spellcast.
  • Mages & Sorcerers: Since magic does very little damage to Vile Eyes, magic vocations have two attack options. Use the heavy physical staff strike when Vile Eyes lower their shields to spellcast, or use Comestion (preferably with the Emphasis augment) to knock them skyward and interrupt their spellcasting.

Tactics (Defensive) Edit

  • The primary general defensive strategy in Dragon's Dogma is to first eliminate all lesser, distracting enemies before engaging the biggest threat. From the start, shoot down the flying creatures, sniper the magic users from afar, chase down the wolf packs, etc before tackling the huge behemoths. Pawns generally focus on the largest threat and get picked apart by the support enemies which distract or debilitate them. So even if the Arisen has to run all the way up and down the map to accomplish this objective, KILL THE SUPPORT ENEMIES FIRST, THEN TACKLE THE BIGGEST THREAT LAST.
  • Beware its Petrification gaze. Wear Petrification resistant armor if possible. As a backup, bring Cockatrice Liquor or Secret Softeners to cure Petrify. The Sorcerer's High Voidspell and the Magick Archer's Great Ward Arrow can cure Petrify as well. One Sobering Wine will clear all debilitations and status effects from the party and provide an additional ninety seconds of immunity from all debilitations and negative status effects. 
  • If picked up while stunned or knocked down, the Vile Eye can be used to inflict Petrification upon enemies via a light that the Vile Eye will produce. Doing so will gain your Pawn knowledge.


  • The Vile Eye bears a strong resemblance to the Beholders of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

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