A Vile Eye.

Vile Eye is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.

A smaller version of the Evil Eye, they look like a floating Eyeball with no eyelids and no tentacles attached.

Information and Stats

General Info

Type Monster
Experience Gained 550
Locations The Everfall (Post-Dragon):

Bitterblack Isle:



Health Attack Defence Magick Attack Magick Defense Weight
2000 600 250 1,200 650 20

Damage Taken

Slash Bash
100% 75% 30% 30% 30% 100% 10%


Attack Type Description
Barrier Spec Erects a defensive shield to protect itself from all damage (can be broken with enough magic attacks). The Vile Eye cannot cast magic while the shield is maintained.
Charge Phys Charges forward while maintaining its barrier.
High Ingle Mag Casts three fireballs at the party.
Ocular Magick Mag The Vile Eye lowers its barrier and emits a Petrification beam. It can also cast Levin and Frazil in the same manner.

Related quests

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

For full information, refer to the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page.

Enemy specific :

  • Vulnerable to damage only when casting spells
  • Can be picked-up when knocked down to the floor and used to petrify other ennemies
  • Weak to Holy.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 75 Vile Eyes either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.



  • Strong against Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Dark magic & enchanted weapons.
  • Weak against Holy enchanted weapons and physical attacks.
  • Immune to all debilitations.
  • Has relatively low HP and is easy to stagger.
  • The magical barrier is completely impenetrable (like the Evil Eye). Wait until the Vile Eye begins to spellcast before attacking it.
Chamber of Sorrow A4. 2 Vile Eyes slain00:30

Chamber of Sorrow A4. 2 Vile Eyes slain.

Wait for their shields to drop before attacking with fast dash attacks (like Blitz Strike or Cutting Wind) or ranged attacks.

  • Mages & Sorcerers : Magick Billow does physical damage to Vile Eyes when their shields are lowered. Alternatively spells with high knockdown such as Comestion will knock them skyward and interrupt their spellcasting.
  • Sorcerers :
    • Despite being resitant to dark spells such as Miasma can still be effective against these small creatures.
    • High Maelstrom can be used to 'herd' groups of Vile Eyes as the suction of the whirlwind draws them together.
  • Striders : the Dark Arisen skill Soaring Stone can lift eyes into the air, breaking their barrier, and leaving them vulnerable to further attacks.
  • If picked up while stunned or knocked down, the Vile Eye's Ocular Magic spell can be used to inflict Petrification upon enemies via a light that the Vile Eye will produce. Doing so will gain your Pawn knowledge.



  • The Vile Eye bears a strong resemblance to the Beholders of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.