Visions of the End II is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"If I can just collect the blasted sculptures, something will happen. I know they're the key to getting out of here...I know it as sure as my own name! And yet... the exhilaration I once felt is fading fast... How many of the damnable things must I find? Am I a fool for hanging my hopes upon them so?"

Collect twenty Macabre Sculptures.


This quest is available Pre-Daimon, from Olra's notice board in Bitterblack Isle Harbor after Call of the Arisen.

Macabre Sculptures will be scattered about in odd places throughout Bitterblack Isle - This dungeon has a lot of tricky, semi-hidden pathways and ledges which might hide a sculpture. Refer to Macabre Sculpture Locations for specific locations.

Collect twenty of them to complete the quest.


  • In order to complete the quest, all sculptures must be in the party's inventory (not storage).
  • The total of sculptures required is cumulative, and includes those collected in the previous quest - thus if those earlier ones were not discarded, sold, or lost only ten more sculptures will be required.
  • Further sculptures are required for the quest Visions of the End III.
  • Macabre Sculptures collected over multiple playthroughs and kept in storage can be used to complete this quest.
    • Collecting multiple sculptures from the same locations during multiple playthoughs will successfully complete the quest. Each location-specific sculpture does not need to be collected in order to complete the quest.
  • Because only three quests may be undertaken from this notice board at any given time, it will be necessary to complete three of the other six previously offered quests (Dousing the BlightA Guiding LightSlumbering Promise, Visions of the End I and Eyes of the Deep) in order to obtain this quest.