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Wakestone Shard
Wakestone Shard
Item Info
Base Weight
30,000 G
12,000 G

Wakestone Shard is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A fragment ensorceled with arcane magick. Gather three together if you would restore the dead to life."

"Details unknown."


Gather three Wakestone Shards in your inventory and they will form into a Wakestone. They are also dropped by boss monsters in The Everfall later on in the story, and can be dropped by monsters outside of The Everfall whilst carrying all three Draconic Tears. Using the Dragon's Gaze (sold by Fournival) will reveal Wakestone Shard locations on your map.

Duplication at the Black Cat will yield a non-functional Wakestone Shard Forgery.


Several wakestone shards are found in isolated locations around Gransys - the shards will be renewed at their location if the made wakestone is used.

  • On the river running between Gran Soren and the Deos Hills, near its outfall onto the sea - there's a shipwreck and large rock in the middle of the water, the shard is on top of the rock.
  • In Smugglers' Pass near Bluemoon Tower, underground in the second chamber beyond the locked cell in the northeastern corner. (requires a Skeleton Key to be opened.)
  • At the end of a short gully branching off the main path between the Windworn Valley, and the beginning of Pastona Cavern.
  • The chest scar on the Arisen like figure on the hill at Hillfigure Knoll.
  • Near a tree on the island at Miasmic Haunt.
  • One can be found at the Ruins of Aernst Castle; atop the western lookout tower ruins facing the sea.
  • One Wakestone Shard is located in the Verda Woodlands, at the end of the small canyon leading down to the Caverns of Delusion
  • There may be a wakestone near a gravestone at The Abbey.

Shards are also sold by:

A shard appears near the Flameservant's Throne during the quest Reaper's Scorn.

Dark ArisenEdit

  • Resting in a skeleton's hand in an open cave area on the third floor of Duskmoon Tower. It is next to a level 3 chest.
  • In Duskmoon Tower, head left of Barroch's location and climb to the very top ledge. Go past the two weapon/armor piles and at the very end of the ledge is a wakestone shard.


2 Star Enhancement

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