War Bugle is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An instrument familiar to Gran Soren's soldiers, who rouse at its reveille."

War Bugles are found all over Gransys in random sacks, scattered about or in chests. Additionally 40 Bugles are rewarded by completing the quest Final Farewell.

Bugles are generally common wherever Gran Soren guards or soldiers of the Enlistment Corps are - this includes The Encampment; Gran Soren, particularly in the towers of the city walls, and side rooms in the Duke's Demesne.

Locations include :

  • Very common throughout the towers, passages, and gatehouses of the walls of Gran Soren - found in both chests and sacks.
  • Common in sacks in The Encampment - such as to the left of Ecbal in the central Command Headquarters tent
  • At the Greatwall Encampment ; the chest closest to the rear entrance of Soulflayer Canyon, near the Apple tree.
  • In a sack the Merchant's House in the Venery in Gran Soren.
  • In a chest the Residence in the Venery in Gran Soren.
  • At a gather spot on the roof of a house in the Craftsman's Quarter of Gran Soren - the house nearest to the gates to the other two quarters.
  • Several may be randomly gathered throughout the large field near Gran Soren's northern gate.



2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
War Bugle + Priceless Artifact = Coin Purse of Charity