Ward Arrow is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Looses a magickal arrow that makes an ally impervious to all manner of debilitations for a time."

Grants the status effect impervious to one target and the Arisen.


  • A temporary effect
  • Upgrades to Great Ward Arrow.
    • Please note that the image displayed is for the upgraded version.
  • The Ward Arrow makes the targets impervious, and cures the Arisen and one selectable pawn from all debilitations, including Petrification and stat lowering debilitations such as Lowered Strength, Lowered Defense, Lowered Magick and Lowered Magick Defense.
  • The Ward Arrow is only able to target up to a maximum of two targets.
    • When the Arisen targets a Pawn and another Pawn is nearby, both Pawns receive the buff, even if the other Pawn isn't shown to be targeted.
    • If an escortee is in the party and aimed at, the Arisen and the targeted escort will receive the buff. No nearby Pawn will receive the buff.