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The Warrior is an Advanced Vocation in Dragon's Dogma. It costs 1,000 Discipline Points (DP) to switch to this vocation.


Favoring brute force over subtlety, Warriors charge into combat head on. Equipped with massive two-handed weapons, Warriors fearlessly take on all foes, crushing enemies with incredible power and soaking up damage on the front lines so their ranged party members can punish enemies from afar.

Primary Weapon: Longswords and Warhammers

Primary Offensive stat: Strength

Strengths and RoleEdit

Frontline Juggernaut: Warriors are a force to be reckoned with on the frontlines of any battle and are capable of dealing out massive damage to enemies. They also have some of the strongest Strength weapons at their disposal.

Impressive Reach: With their huge two-handed weapons, Warriors are capable of dealing devastating damage to multiple enemies with a single strike.

Staunch Defense: No other class takes enemy punishment like the Warrior. With their heavy armor, Warriors are able to stand up to all but the most deadly attacks without being knocked down. Many of their skills also have super-armor frames.

Highest HP Growth: Warriors have the highest HP growth of all vocations in the game, meaning they have plenty of HP to take a beating and keep on trucking.

Utility: Warriors can use their sword to launch allies skyward, like the Fighter skill. They can draw enemies near using their Warcry skill which makes tanking a possibility. They may also use their weapons in mining as a substitute for a pickaxe, although the ores will drop to the floor rather than straight in your inventory.

High Knockdown and Stagger Resistance: Warriors are highly resilient to wing buffets, explosive barrels and some attacks knockdown while attacking. This is a double edge sword as it means that a Warrior can continuously suffer damage while another character would have been thrown out of harm's range.

Best Normal Attacks: Warriors have normal attacks that hit multiple times in a wide swinging radius. Their jumping attacks are similarly very effective.


Magical Vulnerability: The warrior lacks magic defenses, leaving them open to high damage spells.

Skill Inflexibility: Warriors have some really good skills, but are limited to only 3 of them. Players must carefully decide which skills suit their style the best.

Slothful: They tend to have a slower movement speed because of the weight of their equipment. Their offensive skills are executed slowly and need a bit of timing as well as aiming sometimes.

Being Left Open: The Warrior utilizes skills that have very narrow fields of attack, often directly in front of him. Oftentimes, a Warrior will find themselves slamming their weapon into nothing but dirt, then waiting to recover from the powerful swing.

Few Defensive Skills: While the Warrior can draw in enemies like the Fighter, they lack the ability to block attacks as a tank; they rely on high HP, Armor and Exodus Slash to soak up damage instead.

No double jump or levitation: The warrior's weak jumping ability makes reaching some ledges, treasure chests, and obstacles very frustrating.

No ranged attacks: Some critically important targets, such as the Ur-Dragon's wing tip "hearts", are utterly unreachable for the Warrior and Fighter classes. In addition, floating enemies like Wights and the Dark Bishop cannot be attacked until they conveniently float down to ground level.

Limited range of motion: Dragonkin hearts located on the chest and back can be frustrating for Warriors to strike. Flying enemies also pose a problem for the Warrior.


Augments: 39,200 DP
Core: 2,300 DP
Longsword/Warhammer Skills: 37,300 DP

Total: 78,800 DP

Longsword / Warhammer Skills:Edit

Skill Rank DP Description
Savage Lash Already Learned - Channels the user’s strength into a devastating hit that grows in power with the amount of time spent preparing.
Pommel Strike 1 200 Lunges in while driving the hilt of the blade into the target. Though limited in range it easily stuns foes.
Upward Strike 1 300 Stabs foes then fiercely slashes upward. Can send foes flying high into the air.
Escape Slash 2 650 Steps backward in a swift evasive maneuver while delivering a slashing blow.
Ladder Blade 2 650 Offers the flat of the blade to allies as a platform to propel them aloft.
Indomitable Lash 3 900 An advances form of Savage Lash able to withstand enemy attacks whole charging to even higher levels of power.
Savage Lunge 3 900 Charges forward with the blade extended, knocking down any caught in its path.
Pommel Bash 4 1,500 An advances form of Pommel Strike capable of causing even powerful enemies to reel.
Spark Slash 4 1,500 Spins the blade in a swift circle, slashing at foes all around the user.
Whirlwind Slash 4 1,500 An advanced form of Upward Strike gifted with greater force, sending foes higher into the air.
Act of Atonement 5 2,000 Damage taken while not defending is stored, lending power to a devastating counterattack. The power of the counterstrike will increase based on the damage taken.
Battle Cry 5 2,000 Pierces the air with a roar that draws nearby enemies' attention.
Catapult Blade 5 2,000 An advanced form of Ladder Blade.
Exodus Slash 5 2,000 An advanced form of Escape Slash. Can be followed up with additional strikes after the initial slash.
Arc of Might 6 2,800 Channels a vast amount of strength into the ultimate blow. Requires the protection of one's allies whilst preparing.
Corona Slash 6 2,800 An advanced form of Spark Slash that broadens the range of the warriors strike.
Indomitable Lunge 6 2,800 An advanced form of Savage Lunge.
Act of Vengeance 7 3,400 An advanced form of Act of Atonement.
War Cry 7 3,400 An advanced form of Battle Cry.
Arc of Deliverance 8 6,000 An advanced form of Arc of Might. (At higher levels, this ability can one-shot boss-level monsters)

Core Skills:Edit

Skill Rank DP Description
Hack Already Learned - Consecutive Slashes with the sword. [Light attack] repeatedly.
Transfix Already Learned - A stabbing strike straight forward. [Heavy Attack]
Vault Already Learned - Executes a jump to a higher location. Press [Jump].
Devastate 1 800 An advanced form of Hack that extends a chain of one-handed sword slashes across a broader range.
Eviscerate 1 600 An advances form of Transfix that withdraws the blade with a sweep after stabbing the target.
Controlled Fall 2 900 Tucks the body into a tight roll when falling, mitigating harm. After being knocked down, press [Jump] as you hit the ground.


Skill Rank DP Description
Bastion 1 900 Increases Defense by 50.
Ferocity 3 1,300 Increases the damage of your Core Skills by 10%.
Audacity 7 4,500 Makes it harder to knock you off your feet while charging an attack - reduces knockback and stagger accumulation by 15%.
Temerity 7 4,500 Halves the damage taken while charging an attack.
Impact 8 8,000 Increases your ability to knockdown enemies with attacks.
Clout 9 10,000 Increases Strength by 20%.
Proficiency 9 10,000 Reduces the Stamina consumed when you perform a physical weapon skill by 25%.

For information on how augments impact stats and how stacking of multiple augments work see the Stats page.


Stat GrowthsEdit

HP Stamina Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense
Lvl 10+ 40 10 5 3 2 1
Lvl 100+ 5 15 2 2 0 0

Note: The official strategy guide incorrectly list the HP growth for Warrior Lvl.100+ as 15 HP; but in reality it is 5 HP 15 stamina per level at level 100+. This may be a glitch but as of July 17, 2012 this as been the stat growth of Warrior Post-Lvl.100


  • The Warrior's skill Corona Slash is an excellent crowd control tool. Just stand in the middle of a group and spam it for good results.
  • The Augment Proficiency is a very good skill for any class with melee attack skills to conserve stamina. It unfortunately does not affect Bows.
  • The Warrior's fastest attack is the jumping light attack. Use this to swat quick enemies and knock flying ones out of the sky. It also has the added benefit of knocking enemies to the floor, which can be followed up with a jumping heavy or combo attack for good damage. Works extremely well with the Eminence augment.
  • Arc of Deliverance is one of the strongest one-hit moves in the game and can nearly fell a Cyclops in one hit. However it is extremely slow to charge and hard to place the shot as it only hits in a small area directly in front. Most attacks and strong winds won't cancel the attack while charging. One can also move very slowly when the attack is charging for better positioning.
  • Hit mining spots with Warrior's attacks for faster mining, bypassing the need to bring a Pickaxe.
  • It is possible to obtain a very powerful Warrior weapon early in the game - the Gryphic Victory longsword. This is a reward for the escort quest "A Parting Tribute" which is available after entering Gran Soren for the first time. It can be difficult to complete, because there are many high level enemies between Gran Soren and The Shadow Fort (such as a Drake and a Chimera). However, one option is to first clear the Ancient Quarry before undertaking "A Parting Tribute" to avoid these enemies. If playing the Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion, the Gryphic Victory is much less relevant. There are four Bitterblack Weapon Lv.1 warrior weapons that are substantially more powerful than the Gryphic Victory and can be obtained before "A Parting Tribute" even becomes available. The four weapons are: Long Swords: Saving Grace and Wounded Heart - Warhammers: Cyclops Sigil and Bloody Thistle.
  • Wearing lighter equipment, such as clothing, and Heavy Chest Armor will in fact help alleviate the class' decreased mobility to some extent.
  • Exodus Slash has many special properties. The first attack comes out very quickly, steps back and has invincible frames to avoid attacks. The second causes a lot of stagger, and pops light enemies off the ground. The third hit is slow, but multi-hits and launches the enemy. The first and second moves can be 'jump-cancelled' for better positioning and to avoid the high-lag time in the third hit - try jumping after the second hit pops an enemy into the air and then landing a mid-air light or heavy attack on an enemy.
  • The Warrior vocation can take advantage of stun-lock : Warrior weapons have high knockdown and stagger stats, as do many of its attacks like Pommel Bash and the second hit of Exodus Slash. Combine this with one or two Barbed Nails accessories and the Impact Augment, and bosses can be kept in near perpetual stun-lock. Knock them down, then prepare Arc of Deliverance while they're reeling, hitting them just as they stand up, knocking them down again. Drakes may be slain early in the game this way.
  • The Warrior lacks a shield and the ability to block, but this can be overcome to some extent by using the Act of Vengeance skill combined with the Audacity and Temerity augments. 
  • Indomitable Lunge can be used on fallen large enemies, ensuring every attack hits  - this can be used on large monsters that don't stay stunned long enough to charge up an Arc of Deliverance, such as Chimera and Cockatrice. Two lunges can be used to rival the damage of one Arc.
  • The Warrior's heavy jump attack strikes THREE times, sometimes even more on larger enemies, making it extremely powerful against foes that have been immobilized in some way, as well as keeping them knocked down.
  • The Warrior, like the Fighter, suffers from a lack of mobility enhancing core skills (such as the double vault and levitate core skills of other vocations). However, Warriors can offset this to some extent with the jumping light attack, which adds some height and forward momentum to jumps. While not equivalent to a double vault, it can aid in exploration. However, be aware that one cannot grab ledges after executing a jumping light attack.
  • Warriors are capable of attacking Ore Veins instead of using a Pickaxe for Mining. (Note: The ores will not go directly to the player's inventory and will have to be picked up from the ground.)


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