Wilted Forest is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"A desolate place where the Undead are known to prowl at night. It is home to The Abbey, where Sisters of The Faith ensconce themselves in quiet contemplation. Quite why they chose such a remote and dangerous location is unknown. Of course, it may be that in times past the forest was a far safer place".

The Wilted Forest is a small forested region to the west of Gran Soren. As the name suggests, the trees here appear to be dead or dying, and are devoid of leaves.

The Abbey is the only human habitation within the forest, home to a number of nuns; to the northwest of it is the Prayer Falls - northwest across the forest river is the Cursewood.

The forest is home to Deer, Spiders, and Crows during the day - on the southeastern part a band of Bandits have made their camp, and set up tripwires - at the southern edge, close to the north entrance to The Ancient Quarry is a pack of Goblins and a Chimera.

At night the entire area comes 'alive' with undead of all types, and two Ogres set up camp north of the Abbey.


Plant species native to the forest are: Anathema Grass, scattered throughout the wood, found at the eastern edges of the wood; Loneflowers, common around the Abbey, and found in a circle south of it; Toadstool Sitter, a tiny mushroom that grows throughout the area; and Spiny Nut, found in gather spots, such as near the Prayer Falls.

A number of Cursed Carvings can be in the environs of Abbey and wood.

Note : chest loot lists are incomplete
Map Chest Loot
Wilted forest chests

For chests north of the forest path, near the river, see Deos Hills

2 Harspud Sauce
3 Monk's Periapt
4 Angel's Periapt
5 Bottled Haste
6 Bottled Haste, Coin Pouch
7 Conqueror's Periapt, Demon's Periapt
8 Coin Pouch
9 Large Coin Pouch
10 Bottled Haste
11 Bottled Haste
12 Dragon’s Spit, Coin Pouch
13 Common Archistaff, Mahogany Cape, Crimson Glare, Cleansing Earring, Bronze Gauntlets
14 Goldbean Grind


Other quests require the slaying of creatures within the Wilted Forest :