Winged Reaver is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A griffin has been spotted near Hillfigure Knoll. To allow it to roam free now is to sow the seeds of misfortune for the times to come."

Defeat the Griffin.


This quest becomes available on the notice board at Pablos' Inn in Cassardis. Like many other quests, it is not nececssary to specifically slay the Griffin at Hillfigure Knoll. Any slain Griffin will complete this quest. Completing the main story quest Griffin's Bane will also complete this quest.

Griffin Strategy Vol. 2 states that taunts or a carcass can be used to lure a griffin. Shield Drum, as a taunt, is more effective than a carcass to attract the Griffin.


Griffin slain with only Rusted Daggers at Estan Plains03:26

Griffin slain with only Rusted Daggers at Estan Plains

Because of the Griffin's tendency to flee, save the game before entering one of the six known Griffin spawn locations.


  • Available after Come to Court.
  • "Griffon" is misspelled in the in-game quest objectives, contrary to other in-game spellings of the word "Griffin".