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Witch's Brew
Notice Board
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Notice Board at Arsmith's Alehouse
Quest Location
Gran Soren
10,000 Gold
11,750 Exp.
Notice Board Quest

Witch's Brew is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



"In my grandfather's day, there was a potionmaker in the woods -- a witch, to put it plain. Bring her herbs, and she'd make an ale like no other. Talk is, a descendant of hers is still there, deep in the wood. I'd dearly love another taste of that ale."


You can start the prerequisites for this quest before it becomes available. You need to speak with Selene and give her a Gransys Herb which she will turn into a Herb Ale.

You cannot get a Herb Ale during or directly after the quest Lost and Found. Selene will not allow you to offer her anything. You must wait until you've completed Lure of the Abyss and are able to take Wyrm Hunt Quest.

Selene has three locations where she may be found depending on where you are in the game:

  • After the quest Lure of the Abyss she will be in the flowerbed in front of her house in the Witchwood or inside her house depending on the time of day.
  • During the quest Witch Hunt she will be in the second area of the Witchwood.
  • After the quest Witch Hunt (and after you leave the Witchwood) she will be in Your House in Cassardis.

This quest may be completed at any time in the above examples. Speaking with Selene with a Gransys Herb in your inventory will automatically offer you an option to give it to her to which she will respond: "Herbs? Ah. For brewing Ale." She will give you a Herb Ale in return. Once you've obtained a Herb Ale turn give it to Arsmith in his Alehouse in Gran Soren.


  • Selene will only allow you to turn herbs into ale if you do not yet have the corresponding ale in your inventory.
  • It is advised not to place the Herb Ale in the inventory of pawns. If they are trained to use Curatives regularly they may use the item before you get back to Gran Soren.

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