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Witchwood is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"The Witchwood's not far from Cassardis, and for years the mysterious witch herself would come to the village, offering healing potions and other concoctions. I myself remember taking the medicines she conjured when I was but a minnow. But one day, the forest became shrouded in a thick, impenetrable mist. Mayhap the witch conjured it as payback for some slight, but all we Cassardis know is that no one saw her again. No doubt the truth still resides somewhere within those misty woods. But considering how many people have disappeared there, few have the courage to brave its strange mystery."

Overview Edit

A mysterious forest covered in a thick fog. The fog can be lifted by destroying seven Fog Talismans found scattered throughout the Witchwood. It is not necessary to destroy these fog talismans to reach the Witch's house.
How to get to the Witch's house (through the Witchwood)06:59

How to get to the Witch's house (through the Witchwood)

Before heading to the Witchwood, consider bringing a Portcrystal to deploy onto the exit ledge drop to Cassardis, making the Witchwood more accessible for future quests.

The Witchwood is located east of The Ruins of Aernst Castle and south of The Encampment.

See the video walkthrough on the right.

Starting from The Encampment, turn left onto the Manamia Trail, past the Bandits and Wolves, and into the foggy entrance to the Witchwood.

From the entrance, walk gradually left and upward, keeping a rock face on the left side, past three elevation drops and past 2 treasure chests leading to the Witch's house.

The Witchwood is divided into two areas, with the second area only becoming available after accepting the Witch Hunt quest. This second area is accessed via a door located next to the house, which will be initially blocked by a Golem which must be fought during the Witch Hunt quest.

Grab the Bronze Idol in the window sill, and consider placing a Portcrystal on the exit ledge leading to Cassardis before dropping down.

Deploying a Portcrystal here will provide easier access to the Witch's house on future quests.


Points of InterestEdit

Pawn Travel KnowledgeEdit

  • Near the first Fog Talisman encountered when entering the Witchwood from the Vestad Hills, travelling forward at the fork grants one star Pawn Status Travel Knowledge for Witchwood (Daytime visit may be required).
  • Visiting the Witch's House near the stairs, grants one star Pawn Status Travel Knowledge for Witchwood.
  • Knowledge may also be gained by walking around the clearing that contains the Witch's House (Possibly this is only available while the Witch Hunt quest is active).

Related quests Edit


Main woods
Inner woods


Notes Edit

  • From the Ruins of Aernst Castle entrance, the route to the Witch's house requires leaving the path, and climbing a rock to access a tree trunk which allows the party to cross a gully to the path leading to the house.
    Levitating up to the Witchwood ledge00:44

    Levitating up to the Witchwood ledge

    A slightly left upward levitation curve is made during this process. A Portcrystal has previously been placed to help visually identify the exact grab spot. Running double jumps cannot reach this ledge.

    • Pawns with knowledge of the area will lead the arise on the correct route during quests.
    • Other routes north off the main path avoid the tree trunk bridge en route to the witches clearing.
  • For an easier return back to the Witch's house, place a Portcrystal on the exit cliff near Cassardis, before dropping down.

The Witchwood-Cassardis cliff grab spot

  • The cliff connecting the Witchwood and Cassardis (near the Seabreeze Trail) can be reached with Levitation. See the video above. The grab spot is approximately one body length from the left edge. A running start is not necessary, but the Arisen should float upwards and to the left toward the grab spot. Once the edge is successfully grabbed (this may take several attempts), place a Portcrystal on the grab spot to make it easier to find in the future. Alternatively, while stacking of Barrels does not make the ledge accessible, with only two barrels in near proximity; it does however make the levitate jump much easier to use to reach the ledge.
    Sky Rapture up to the Witchwood ledge01:25

    Sky Rapture up to the Witchwood ledge

    Mystic Knights can use Sky Rapture to reach the Cassardis exit ledge leading to the Witchwood. The Arisen must make a running jump towards the (barely visible) low grade slope at the center of the cliff. Both the Levitation and Sky Rapture technique need to aim for this exact spot to make it onto the ledge. Aim the running jump at this spot, then slightly after the top of the jump there will be a brief "floating" moment when Sky Rapture should be executed in order to reach the ledge. Aim the Sky Rapture for the Portcrystal placed in this video for visual purposes. To recap: Running jump towards the center, then Sky Rapture left towards the Portcrystal marker. The technique is successfully demonstrated here twice.

  • Mystic Knights may also use a running jump followed by Sky Rapture to reach the ledge - aim at the shallowest slope leading to the ledge - if successful the jump will leave the Arisen on the ledge, without needing to scramble up.

Trivia Edit

The Witch Cottage bears a resemblance to the witch hut in Berserk Manga. The woods surrounding the hut in the manga also have a magical illusion in place to keep travelers from reaching the hut. Both huts also have golems set up around them to serve as guardians.


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