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"What will you be? Man? Dragon? Or aught else?"

Wyrms are powerful magickal casters, possessing an array of deadly magickal attacks, the means of flight, and the ability to breathe Ice to freeze their foes solid. All lesser dragonkin can seize control over the will of Pawns to turn them against the Arisen. The Wyrm bears a glowing stomach where its heart resides, which serves as an exploitable weakness.



Face to face with a Wyrm

One of the smaller cousins of the titular Dragon in Dragon's Dogma. The Wyrm is one of the lesser dragonkin encountered in the game and is only encountered after The Final Battle.

Wyrms are similar to their cousin species, the Drake and the Wyvern, bearing many of the same abilities and characteristics. Wyrms are related to the Ice element. As such, the Wyrm bears a natural weakness to Fire based attacks.

Defeating a Wyrm has a minor chance of dragon forging the player's equipment as long as that equipment has at least one level of enhancement.

Information and StatsEdit

General InfoEdit

Type Dragon / Boss
Experience gained

Base Exp of 24,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



Health Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense Weight
60,000 800 270 1,300 800 4,500 kg

Damage TakenEdit

Slash Bash
100% 100% 150% 25% 100% 100% 100%


Debilitation Resistance
Burning  Weak
Drenched  Immune
Tarring  Immune
Frozen [1]  Resilient
Blindness  Immune
Curse  Immune
Lower Defense  Resilient
Lower Magick  Resilient
Lower Magick Defense  NA
Lower Strength  Resilient
Petrification  Immune
Poison  Weak
Possession  NA
Silence Resilient
Skill Stiffling  NA
Sleep  Immune
Torpor  Weak
  1. While they are vulnerable to the Frozen status, it's impossible to shatter Dragonkin.


Attack Type Description
Ice Breath Mag A massive stream of ice is let loose from its mouth. Can cause Frozen. The Wyrm can use this move while moving forward or backing away from its target(s).
Dive Phys A powerful lunge from the air.
Charge Phys Charges at a target on the ground.
Grab (Arisen) Phys The Arisen is grabbed and then smashed into the ground.
Grab (Pawn) Spec/Status A Pawn is grabbed, but instead of being smashed into the ground, the Wyrm seizes control of its actions. Causes Possession, which turns the Pawn against the Arisen.
Stomp Attack Phys A powerful attack with its feet.
Sweeping Backhand Phys A backhanded slap with either one of its front claws.
Tail Sweep Phys A powerful spinning attack with its tail.
Roar Spec/Status A roar that kills all pawns within range, staggers the Arisen and can cause Skill Stifling.
High Frigor Mag Creates three spires of ice which can throw its targets into the air and freeze them.
High Levin Mag/Status A series of lightning bolts are created which can cause Thundershock.
High Bolide Mag 10 meteors are summoned to indiscriminately lay waste to the battlefield.
(This will be indicated vocally by the Wyrm)
Lassitude Mag/Status An area of effect sigil is created, inflicting Torpor on those who remain within it.
Exequy Mag A field of death is cast, killing anyone who stands within its area of effect upon the spell's completion.
Anodyne Mag/Spec The Wyrm is still for a moment, then restores 1.75 bars of its health.


Location Map Location Visual Location Respawn Time
The Everfall

Chamber of Distress[1]

Chamber of Distress 7 Days
The Watergod's Altar


Watergodaltar 3 Weeks
Bitterblack Isle

[3] Rotunda of Dread

Map Rotunda of Dread Location Rotunda of Dread
  1. 1.0 1.1 This Wyrm is only available during (Post-Game)
  2. This Wyrm's dialogue is spoken in English.
  3. This Wyrm is only available during (Pre-Daimon)


Dropped Item Regular Drop (%) Wyrm Horns Destroyed (%) Wyrm Wing Destroyed (%)
Dragon Scale 20% - 14%
Azure Dragon Scale 32% - 5%
Dragon Claw 12% - -
Dragon Horn 1% 100% -
Indurated Dragonsblood 5% - -
Rift Cluster 5% - -
Great Dragon Alula - - 80%
Wyrm's Tear 5% - 1%
Greatwyrm Stone 1% - -
  • Killing the Wyrm gives a percentage chance of dragon forging equipment depending upon enhancement level of the equipped gear.
  • The horns can still be broken off when the Wyrm is dead, but there is a short time window to do so.
  • After a reload or retry, the Dragon's Horns regenerate. This effectively means that after a save and reload, more horns can be broken off allowing for multiple Dragon Horn drops in one fight.
  • Having all three dragon tears in the player's inventory guarantees that the Drake will drop a Wakestone (Post-Game only), and remarkably improves the chances of receiving the above drops.
  • The Wyrm's Tear item drop rate increases substantially in Post-Game.

Bestiary Edit

Refer to the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge section on the Drakes page.

Enemy Specific

  • Weak to Fire.
  • Silencing them may grant knowledge.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it may be necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 15 Wyrms either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

Tactics (Offensive)Edit

  • Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Screenshot 14

    Heart is located in the stomach area.

    Weak against Fire attacks by 150%.
  • Vulnerable to Silence. Cast Silentium or use a Golden weapon (like Golden Rapier or Golden Bardiches) to render the Wyrm unable to cast spells. The higher the enhancement of the Golden weapon, the higher the chance it will inflict Silence. The Wyrm is at a major disadvantage if Silenced.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor. Use a Rusted weapon to inflict Torpor on the Wyrm and slow it down. It is MUCH easier to climb, attack and dodge the Wyrm's attacks when it is slowed down. The higher the enhancement of the Rusted weapon, the higher the chance it will inflict Torpor.
  • The Wyrm's heart is located in its stomach area, directly under the middle of the beast. Attacking from its sides is good strategy.
  • Hitting the heart or the face hard enough can interrupt/stagger the Wyrm, which cancels its spells.
  • The Wyrm is stationary while casting spells, enabling the party to easily hit its weak spots.
  • Mystic Knights: Placing a Ruinous Sigil directly underneath the heart appears to be a guaranteed stagger against a Wyrm, regardless of the sigil's elemental enchantment.
  • Sorcerers : High/Grand Fulmination is very effective against the Wyrm. Charge the spell first and then approach the Wyrm. This can kill it in mere seconds if the Arisen can avoid interruption by staggering, thunder-shock or a physical attack from the Wyrm. Equip Grave Greaves or Carrion Greaves with the enhancement for faster walking speed during spellcasting for better results.

Tactics (Defensive)Edit

  • Using Magic Defense boosters are recommended. Otherwise, keeping pressure on it and interrupting its casting will prove effective. The Wyrm is more resilient to magic attacks compared to other dragonkin, so while magic is still functional, it's better to be equipped with physical weapons and use Fire-based abilities.
  • The Stability augment is very helpful against all dragonkin (including the Ur-Dragon). It renders the Arisen impervious to wind attacks (meaning that you cannot be blown over backwards), and the Arisen can cast spells and charge skills without being interrupted.
  • A direct hit to the head has a chance of dropping Dragon Horn during combat, however the Wyrm will always immediately Roar and instantly kill pawns.
  • Destroying its wing will also always make it Roar. Pawns will declare "It's grounded, Master."
  • Pawns having 100% resistance to Possession (for example, wearing the Hellfire Cloak) can no longer be affected by any attack inflicting this debilitation. They free themselves at the end of the grab animation; the grab and possession attack on a such a pawn gives a strategic opening to the Arisen by distracting the Wyrm.

Tactics (Pawn-specific) Edit

  • Mage pawns equipped with a Legion's Might staff will auto-revive after a Dragon Roar or conventional deaths. While this staff is weaker in attack strength than other more powerful staves, the auto-resurrect function can be especially helpful when facing two Dragons simultaneously as it allows the Arisen to focus on attacking instead of running around reviving pawns.
  • Consider equipping a pawn with a (preferably Goldforged) Rusted bow and/or Rusted daggers so they can debilitate the Dragon with Torpor.
  • Pawns having 100% resistance to Possession (for example, wearing the Hellfire Cloak) will not be affected by this debilitation. They free themselves at the end of the grab animation.


  • May be found as a random enemy spawn in the Pre-Daimon Black Abbey with a Wyvern.
  • The Wyrm is primarily a spellcaster and will chain-cast relentlessly if there is more than one dragon on the battlefield.
  • While it may be difficult for melee vocations to hit the heart, Wyrms seem to be knocked down more easily than their cousins. Effort might be better focused toward knocking down the Wyrm and then tearing apart its heart if the player is a pure melee vocation.


  • The Wyrm's Tear increases the drop rate percentage of rare loot. It also increases the drop rate of Wakestones and Wakestone Shards in the Everfall. When in the player's inventory together with the Drake's Tear and Wyvern's Tear, the drop rate percentages increase further.
  • Although the Wyrm is considered a lesser kin of the dragons, it is an ice-based Drake but behaves very much like a Frostwyrm.
  • The Wyrm possesses smaller wings than either the Drake or the Wyvern.


  • "A strange trick of meet a fellow countryman. So be it, mayhap there is a new truth to be found in dragon's form... 'Tis the will of the world... Stand against me!" (Introduction)
  • "Fall into Disorder." (Possession attack)
  • "Gather, raging flame!" (Upon casting High Bolide)
  • "The world calls out for a new ringmaster... ...Earth and man and monster all. All are equal parts within the whole."
  • "Which shall you be...? Man? Dragon? Or aught else?" (Death)
  • "Am I to die?" (Death)
  • "The seat of God lies beyond..." (Death)
  • "That's it, show me your power!"
  • "I am your master" (Possession attack)
  • "Come Arisen!"
  • The Wyrm shares some common dialogue with the Drake and Wyvern.


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